Mystery Skier

Mystery Skier is a Ski Industry specific consulting firm that specialises in providing Mystery Shopper Reports and SWOT Analyses Reports (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) to the ski resort industry. Our professional reports give a detailed snap shot of how your resort is performing on any given day. Our reports are fully customisable to suit your exact requirements and focus on the customer's perspective to help increase your profitability.

Our reports are honest, thorough, industry specific and can highlight areas that ski resort operators need to focus upon. Our customer base includes ski resort owners, operators and/or partners and potential buyers. We specialise in providing this valuable service to the ski industry. We work with you to achieve maximum profit in the limited ski resort opening time frame. Ski resorts use the information gathered to evaluate their performance and highlight areas for improvement. By acting on the information we provide, ski resorts can increase the quality of their overall service delivery, and therefore gain an advantage over their competition.

Our point of difference is we are an industry specific reporting company. We know and understand your industry challenges. The ski industry is very competitive with multiple resorts pitching to a limited number of domestic and international customers. Infrastructure costs are extremely expensive and governing bodies can be difficult to deal with. Furthermore, nature plays a part by limiting the time frames available to resort operators to turn a profit. Your business needs to be performing at its very best every day. Let's help you improve your business, by providing an industry specific Mystery Shopper Report and complete SWOT Analysis and help increase your profit.